Forgive me for my ‘black panther’ esque attire, but most prominently for my near 9 month disappearing act. I’d like to say It was my doppelgänger that made me do it, but I guess that whole idea of life getting in the way really did GET IN THE WAY.

For pretty much half of the year, it’s been a pretty epic rollercoaster, one that I felt was highlighted perfectly in the recent Buzzfeed article “Black Girl Magic in the UK.” Buzzfeed writer Tolani Shoneye, took the pleasure of highlighting 10 black females in the UK , that are killing it in their respective fields. From boxing to presenting, fitness to tech, it felt great to see black females, BLACK MAGIC being celebrated in such a beautiful way.

The support was stupendous, and I felt fortunate to be among that group. Life is a weird sometimes, because you forget to just slow down at times and really just give yourself a pat on the back and a self- indulged but super deserved “well done”.

From FutureSNDS to my new passion in DJing, i’ve really been just getting shi* done and it’s been exhausting and rewarding. All in all, i’m just loving the magic that i’m seeing around me for my people by my people, and most importantly thankful to God that i’ve been able to add my magic to the world in various ways.

Here’s to Black Girl Magic

Check out the article here.

Outfit Details:

Top: ASOS White

Jeans: ASOS White

Boots: ZARA

Jacket: H&M

Photography by Israel Peters [YOCF]