Initially this post was meant to go out prior to my birthday, but in true Mercedes style, i’m writing this today. Now today is a pretty special day in my life as it marks my 26th birthday. I cannot believe I’m 26 years of age. When I was 15 this felt like a lifetime away, and now it’s here I’m literally ripping my weave out as it dawns on me I’m on the other side of my twenties. I’m THIS close to 30.

Okay I may be going into full exaggeration mode especially as growing older is a fact of life. However it’s one of those facts that I’ve always had a hard time to deal with. Being the youngest in my year, and the only child in my immediate family, I’ve become used to being the youngest. I was used to always being ahead of my age group and my peers. Now I feel like I’m somewhat in the middle of this child-like syndrome I’ve always had and me finally maturing and attaining the responsibilities of being an adult – some responsibilities.

As of recently I just keep finding myself, my mind and my being in this state of limbo like I wrote in a post a few months ago. This in-between stage of life feels so new, so foreign, so uncomfortable to me. However I know that I have to push through. I guess this is what Growth feels like.

25 was absolutely amazing. I literally laughed and CRIED. Had so many wins and suffered a few DEEP losses but in everything I felt, experienced and encountered, I learnt LESSONS.

I pray that I’ll continue to learn even more lessons and be more resilient in moments on uncertainty.

Here’s to a new year – a new chapter


Styled by Chakkana Pryce

Photography by Amarachi Nwosu