Introducing Dexter Brandon, founder of Kolossus Records and one of Soundclouds dopest producers. An A&R in his own right, he has created a platform that shares the best in music and pioneers amazing new talent. It’s only right we virtually sat him down for an exclusive #FutureSNDS interview.


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1. Dexter Brandon there’s not much about you on the worldwideweb but soundcloud is your haven – tell us a little more about your background and how you got into music.

Honestly, I don’t have any musical background. I’ve just been doing my best for 4 years with my own experiences, knowledge, and growth. It’s been wonderful building from such little knowledge compared to where I am now. I remember not even knowing where to start but somehow I did back in December of 2012.

When I lived in Ohio to attend university, I had actually come home to my parents in Atlanta for the winter break and my friend introduced me to a program where I could create music I enjoyed. Much of what I made was just spacey, out of key, off tempo patterns, but I loved it so much. I loved every second of it. I would find myself skipping meals, staying up late, and moving to the off rhythm sounds I found myself creating. It brought me joy at a very tough time.

When I got back to Ohio for school in January, I found myself doing the exact same thing I did over the break. Making music, and thriving off of it. It got even worse when I got back too. My friend in the room next to me actually produced, and introduced me to FL Studios. I picked it up so fast, I never wanted to put it down. It made me very happy.


2. What was the first track you ever uploaded to soundcloud and what inspired it.

In January of 2013 I believe it was the color concept EP. I created trap style beats but named them with different colors to go after, creating this weird ambient aesthetic.

The first color I believe I started with was “Red”.


3. How important are music platforms to you and your craft.

In a time now where building a career requires much of the internet, I would say music platforms are instrumental at times and detrimental at times.

4. What do you love the most when it comes to music

The people you meet; the support you gain or lose; the excitement (both good and bad) it brings; the personalities and perspectives you’re forced to understand; the love; the passion.

That isn’t a question that I can answer with just one thing.

I love all of it.

I think growing up, I never thought I’d be a creative at all. I don’t know if I’m making my young-self proud, but I do know that I enjoy and love the life music has brought me much more than anything else I’ve done with my 21 years of living.

The biggest thing that makes me continue this path is the fact that I can be creative. God has given me a gift. A talent and a power to create and touch people in a way that sometimes words can’t.

That’s powerful.


5. What do you find the most frustrating when it comes to music.

The perception of the communities within the platforms I share myself with.

I feel like there is a skewed ideology of perfection within the online based music communities.

Growing up trying to do something you love can often trick you into thinking you have to be someone else to get further, faster, so that you’re not where you are in life. And most people either put you down, or tell you that who you are isn’t good enough, or that you have to offer more to hold value. Meanwhile, we subconsciously alter our perception of ourselves and change who we are or want to be, so that we can cut corners and progress further in a career.

Anyone older may not be experiencing this, but may have at some point.

I forgot all of last year, I was 21, going through a midlife crisis like I’m in my 30s. I wasn’t (and to some extent still not) enjoying life because the idea that you have to get “likes” to be liked has put me in some really bad places for the sake of attention.

Another frustrating thing is that most of the community is very open minded, but fail to be open to another person’s perception or opinion of THEIR OWN situations. And if their opinion is different, they are instantly deemed a “negative person”.

I know I’m not the only one that’s experienced this.

What’s crazy is the people that are progressing rapidly in their careers have been through all of this, but fail to admit it, or fail to offer help or advice (not more opinions) to those that are going through the frustrating states making artistry a life-sustaining passion as well.

It’s either you act a certain way to continue receiving attention or you have to be all about positive thinking when life is still happening around you.

Family, relationships, school, jobs, or health. We forget it all to chase after the same thing, often pushing and shoving when we all are meant to shine the same.

The concept of: “I need to get somewhere with music, to get somewhere in life, at any means necessary” is killing the reason we all started our musical paths. We want to be equal to our idols, friends, or peers to feel like we’re making progress.

With some of us that are working very hard, juggling jobs, school, life, or a family, we’re often working hard to be where our idols/peers are, not realizing, we’re in pretty good situations already. On the path to some great things.

I’ve struggled most of 2015 thinking that if I didn’t blow up, I’d lose out on making music a career. Especially with parents that see it as something that won’t help sustain a family. Primarily the reason I put so much pressure on myself and others. It’s constantly trying to one up everyone, or prove someone wrong in the quickest way possible. Seeing people that either hurt me or I had hurt progress made me feel like I was going backwards IN ADDITION to the struggles I was already going through with family deaths left and right.

It has not only frustrated me, but messed me up so bad mentally, but you can’t be perfect in life nor in a music career.

I have messed up quite a few friendships, lost some self-respect, challenged some of my idols, and hurt my own mentality to chase something I never wanted to chase in the first place.

I fell off in other words.

Now I’m trying to work harder, be happier, holding onto the true goal, and trying to fix the problems I or others have made, because that’s not what music is about.

It’s about spreading empathy. The art of spreading or understanding the feeling that one is choosing to express.

I know there are a lot of other people going through this. It’s not uncommon.

6. Music idol? and yes you can only pick one

I’ll always say Sango. Someone that’s close to God, humble (from what it seems), creative, and himself. I hope to meet him one day. Hopefully he’ll know me (positively) by then.

7. What has 2016 got in store for Dexter Brandon and Kolossus records

I don’t know, but I am praying I can continue to have multiple opportunities to make new friends, reconnect with old ones, end grudges, spread good music, and travel to spread a positive message about my struggles last year.

8. Finally what does FutureSNDS (future sounds) mean to you?

FutureSNDS is about bringing people together.

9. Where can we find your material – socials please

10. Would you rather be a kid your whole life or an adult your whole life

A kid. Willing to play with anyone, share always, and be me with no regrets.

Check out Dexters exclusive track “Look At Us” below and follow us on Twitter, Soundcloud and Instagram. #FutureSNDS