Introducing the UK’s Birmingham born and bred Rommel Donald aka R.O.M, who at only 19 has allowed his signature handprint to go viral on multiple productions and mixes. Gradually taking Soundcloud by storm, some might say he has the midas touch, so it’s only right we find out a little bit more. #FutureSNDS


1. So Rommel 19 years of age and you are absolutely killing it as a producer/DJ did you ever think you would come this far?

Ah, thank you! I still find it crazy that some of the people who I’ve looked up to for years are giving me respect for my music or the fact that I have so many supporters from many different places.
Even though I’m not where I want to be yet musically, I didn’t think I’d be where I am yet so I’m really happy!


2. What actually inspired you to take this up – where did it all begin?
Ever since I was little, I’ve always loved music, I started playing guitar when I was 7 and I was always exposed to RnB, Jazz & Neo Soul so some of the musicality from that always comes out when I’m making music. I also started to play Drums and Bass when I was 11. I discovered Music Production when I was around 11 too and that opened up a whole new world of possibilities to me.
My main inspiration came from my cousin being a producer (Myke Forte) and I grew up watching him making beats on his MPC 2500 since I was 11 and he gave me my first copy of Logic and showed me how to use that when I was starting out. Also, the musicians in church were sooo amazing to me and I just wanted to be on their level and as good as them so that Inspired my musicality. My Cousin inspired my production. He also introduced me to Soulection and HW&W back in early 2012 and I’ve been loving them since and they’ve been inspiring me the most since I first came across them. “Do what you love” is literally like my life saying now.


3. You always seem to choose the right hooks from popular songs and turn it into a whole new track – what’s your process of selection?
Haha thank you! So when I’m choosing a sample to take from a track, I always take the part that is most relevant to how I’ve felt or how I feel at that moment in time. Everything I’ve chosen to sample (Apart from Groceries or Surfbort) are samples that have been relevant to me either while I was making it or at some point in my life. I want to bring out as much emotion/feeling as I can from a 5-10 second sample and keep that going for around 2 minutes with a load of twists and turns. Like…. a journey.


4. What’s next for R.O.M. – any special collaborations or projects?
I’ve got an EP coming up with DEFFIE to release this summer then we have a special announcement 🙂
I’m working on an LP at the moment which should be out towards the end of the year.
I’ve got some cool collabs coming with Mike Gao, Lege Kale, ELJAY and LA-NO at the moment
I’m also working on some other really amazing projects but I have to keep those secret for now.


5. Which artists do you admire the most?
Producers: IAMNOBODI, PYRMDPLAZA, Atu, Evil Needle, Timbaland, Pharrell and Kanye West
Artists: Kehlani, Tori Kelly, ROJO, Waldo, Dumbfoundead and Jeff Bernat.


6. Could you picture yourself doing anything else? If yes/no why?
I really couldn’t. Music is all I think about everyday, every night, the thing that makes me wake up and smile in the morning, the only thing that can keep me sane and happy when it seems like everything else just isn’t working out. Music really is the best thing in my life at the moment. It’s the only thing always want to do.


7. Out of all your tracks, what is your favourite and why?
Hmm.. I’m going to go with ”inLove?’. The track that I sampled (Amerie – Why don’t we fall in love?) is one of my ALL TIME favorite tracks and I’ve loved it for years.
Personally I love the kind of vibe I went for when creating that track. I wanted something heavy and deep but with major vibes and then ‘inLove?’ happened.


8. Last but not least – what does Future SNDS (sounds) mean to you?
Future Sounds are the reason I’m even here! Future Sounds inspire me to try something new everyday. Future Sounds are always giving me opportunities and ways to progress.


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