Kartell, the renowned French House producer, who spearheads the label Roche Musique, has released his second EP ‘Tender Games’ that for the past hour has been continuous euphoria in my ears.

Now I would be lying to have you assume that I had heard of Kartell prior to this EP but I hadn’t. Consider me a Kartell – virgin [Pause] but that is the underlying beauty of music – discovering fresh sounds through various platforms.

It was the artwork that initially drew me to press play and I somehow landed on the track ‘Falling’ featuring Tom Bailey. Gripping vocals, magnetising melodies and sultry synths dipping in and out, draws you in completely and from that point on the rest of the EP takes you on a forever gazing journey of bliss.

The Tender Games EP is a constant groove and in saying this Kartell has a newly appointed fan. From J-ricans soul filled ‘Bap Baps’ in “All I have’ to Kartells classic dance-ridden house influences in ‘Attracted’ the french producer delivers a worthy body of work and one to add to his already celebrated portfolio.

Not only that but londoners we are in luck, as Kartell himself as well as his Roche Musique family will be in town June 19th courtesy of Residant Advisor so Click Here for tickets.

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