I’ve heard this saying quite a few times in my life, and never really gave it much thought until recently.

The saying elludes to the simple fact, that just like a leopard cannot get rid of its prized spots, so too a person’s’ character can never change, even if they pretend to.

Now I have always considered myself an optimist, seeing the cup half full rather than half empty. It’s a trait of mine that on a professional level has positioned me in favourable situations and opportunities. However on a personal level, not so much. Being an optimist has its downfalls, as you never tend to see the faults in people’s characters and personalities, and when you do, you consider yourself ‘The Saviour” that will be able to change all things including that person.

Well it’s a new day and a new month and when people show you who they are the first time believe them. It’s cynical but life is one cynical cycle, with as much bad as there is good. So protect your heart and protect your space. The only person you can ever change is yourself and nobody else.

Jacket: H&M

Jumper: Bape x Puma

Trousers: Hyke x adidasoriginals

Trainers: Bape x adidas

Photography by Israel Peters