“Roses are red, violets are blue…”

Most people would finish this prologue with a cliche statement about love. I say cliche because that’s what I initially thought love would be like for me.

At the tender, young age of 25 *cough young cough*, to most people finding love at this age was good timing, but to me I thought that it couldn’t happen soon enough. I honestly had my fair share of frogs. Timewasting frogs, no-commitment frogs, “just too nice” frogs, “bad boy” frogs.. honestly the list was endless. Okay not that long but you get my drift.

It got to a point whereby I was highly contemplating freezing my eggs and making an agreement with my best mate that if my knight and shining armour didn’t appear by 30, he’d have to be the default. Desperate times.

Then suddenly, quite unexpectedly, love came and after all the talk and hype I’d created around this God-given moment, I honestly felt like I wasn’t ready.

The word Love has so many meanings and interpretations. There are so many types, it’s no surprise why we find it so hard to describe how we really feel. When love knocked at my window it wasn’t in the form of this perfectly blossomed rose. There were a few thorns, on the side, and I had a few cuts that I myself had to heal before I could even attempt to touch it.

It took the coming together of two imperfect individuals to not only understand our flaws, but also see the good in ourselves and in the other, to produce a love so perfect. Love is patience. Love is the willingness to keep on learning about yourself and one another, without judgement. Over the past year, I’ve come to understand how selfless love really is and it’s honestly been the most refreshing journey I’ve been on in my life so far.

So here’s a toast to cliches *Cues Beyonce On the Run PT 2*

Jumper: ADYN 

Flared Trousers: Missguided 

Clear Heels [similar]: Public Desire 

Photography by Shane Duncan