I’m actually sick and tired of writing posts on how I’m going to change. I said I’d be more consistent. I failed. I failed again and again and again. So I’m going to stop making promises on here, because I do realise my words will be held against me.

Life got real busy… real quick. However I read a great article the other day on how ‘being busy’ doesn’t really exist. Read here and let me know your thoughts. I’ll think I’ll save my words on this for another post. “The Busy Trap” does have a nice ring to it.

On a positive note it feels good to be posting again. Last weekend I met up with a dope photographer Shane Duncan and just had the best vibe. 6 years later and I think I finally know what works for me style wise and what doesn’t. I almost had to have an out of body experience to realise this. Social media pretty much led me into a false reality. It made me feel like I wasn’t sexy enough. That my hair wasn’t straight enough or my contour not strong enough. It took me taking a couple of steps backwards to realise who I really was style wise and what Mercedes Benson stood for.

I feel like I’m back – maybe it’s the afro I don’t know. ha.

But yes – Mercedes has finally got her groove back.

Jacket: WAH by ASOS

Hoody: ADYN SS17

Joggers: ADYN SS17

Boots: YEEZY

Slip Dress: H&M (similar)

Photography by Shane Duncan