This colour is never going to go away. As mentioned in a previous post Grey HAS to be my favourite colour of all time, and I honestly couldn’t fully explain why. Part of me believes it’s because of its neutrality, and like Black and White it really does go with everything. Not only that but it looks so damn cool.

When I was in COS just like I saw the duvet jacket on sale, I also saw this amazing wool hoody, and it was just how I wanted it, OVERSIZED. The fit was amazing and even though it was tad pricey for something that was on sale, the perfect fit and colour was something I couldn’t hesitate with.

Paired with the grey adidas x Hyke track-pants (cozy) and the metal toe capped superstars, this felt right.

Hoody: COS

Trackpants: adidas originals x HYKE

Superstars: adidas originals