Nobody likes lukewarm tea. Room temperature ribena is always a bit “meh” and having “yes” men/women as friends is always such a no-no. Ultimately being in the middle just isn’t that desirable. You’re a floater. Your opinion never really shifts the dial and to be honest you end up not even shifting the dial for yourself. So if you’re not lukewarm you’re either hot or cold right? Having a strong opinion may be right or it may be wrong. You could get the whole of twitter supporting your statements, or you could be hiding under your pillow as you simultaneously get ‘dragged’. So my question is (yes I may be writing this but I’m allowed to throw myself and you a heap of questions), can you truly navigate your way through life remaining neutral?

Being neutral means less drama. It means you can slip your way through situations particularly unnoticed. You can become invisible but perhaps be a silent killer. There’s so many pros and cons to staying neutral.

This topic ponders on my mind as I try to find my voice in this world, but also not suffer any backlashes for doing so. We all want to leave a legacy behind and the truth is being neutral might not always warrant that ever taking place. I was told by a dear friend to, “… have an opinion but never throw it in people’s faces…” That really hit home, particularly within this social media age whereby having an opinion creates discussion and conversation, but say the wrong thing and bridges, future relationships even future job prospects could be damaged in return.

So the question is should we stay neutral?

Let me know

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