This has been a recurring phrase in my life so far this 2016. Yes we’re only three months in, but already it feels like the year is trying to run away from me. However I refuse to let it. I always use the first three months of every year to plan and try and strategise how I want the rest of the year to pan out. Yes – my marketing lingo is definitely coming out in this post, but honestly the importance of ‘planning’ is so crucial to creating and initiating your goals, with a clearer focus.

With this in mind, the goal is to honestly action every idea and #MakeItHappen

Regardless of how bizarre or out of the world, the idea may be, it’s honestly better to say “At least I tried” than “I wonder if”

My fear is to live a life of regret. My fear is to still be in the same position I was three months ago. In order to learn and grow you need to leave the fear of failing aside, and honestly #MakeItHappen

In saying this somebody asked me today to finish of the sentence “The Future is…”

As cliche as it may have sounded “The Future is NOW”

There’s nothing like the presence. Action your thoughts, be in the now and create your future day by day.

Gillet: Carhartt

Combats: adidas

Jumper: adidas

Trainers: adidas NMD Friends & Family

Photography by Israel Peters